Media Policy

The objective of the Realcube Technology Inc’s Corporate Communications policy and procedure is to ensure that the information contained in all communication with stakeholders is consistent, accurate, fair and timely.

(This statement is not as simple as it looks. Issues of transparency needs to be carefully researched, especially legal issues, issues of voluntary, mandatory and involuntary disclosure and whether the organisation wants to be transparent, i.e intent)

To ensure this, it is the policy of  the Realcube Technology Inc that:

The Company will comply with all laws and regulations regarding public disclosure of material events, financial results and operations;

  1. The Company is committed to non-selective, fair disclosure of information about The Company without advantage or disadvantage to any participant in the financial market place;
  2. The Company will voluntarily disclose any non-material information, which is not the subject of a confidentiality agreement and determined by senior management to be in the interest of stakeholders, shareholders, the investment community and the public;
  3. All disclosures to the media will be communicated by an authorised Media Relations Officer or designate;
  4. All disclosures to the financial community, including investment analysts, brokers and current or potential investors will be communicated by the CEO, CFO, and Investor Relations or their designate(s);
  5. All the Company media releases, information prepared for the financial community, and all other Company related information for public disclosure must follow the procedures for review and approval outlined herein;
  6. The External Communications Policy applies to all the Company employees and, with respect to their reference to the Company, all subsidiaries and associates;
  7. Management will be responsible for ensuring that this policy and related procedures are communicated and followed consistently in their operations;
  8. Non-compliance with this policy may damage the Company’s reputation and/or cause the Company and/or its shareholders to be prejudiced and to suffer damages and/or losses;
  9. As with all of The Company’s policies any non-compliance will be treated as serious and will result in disciplinary action and could give rise to civil and/or criminal liability on the part of the employee. It is the responsibility of all employees to familiarise themselves with this policy.

The Public Relations Manager can be contacted should an employee wish to seek clarity or assistance with respect to any aspect of this policy.